Core Rehab Program (05/2021)May 11th 9am

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10 weeks. English. Online live. Certified by german health insurance.

  • Beginnt am: May 11
  • 140 euros


This is right for you... ...when you are about 6 weeks postpartum or beyond (time doesn’t really matter. You should feel free to join if you still have problems - 6 weeks or 6 years postpartum) ...when you have green light from your attending doctor ...when you suffer from: diastasis recti, back pain, incontinence, weak core, pelvic floor dysfunction/ weak pelvic floor, etc. ...when you did not do anything for your healing after giving birth ...when you want to (re)strengthen your core, your pelvic floor and your whole body as a result of proper functional workouts. Certified by german statutory health insurance.

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  • Am Markt 5, Hattersheim am Main, Deutschland


Melina Dörr & Cora Braun GbR

Am Markt 5 

65795 Hattersheim                                            0178 - 6521475

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