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Core Rehab Program

Aktualisiert: 18. Apr. 2021

This program is right for you, when you are about weeks postpartum or beyond (time doesn't really matter. You need to have permission from your attending doctor and should feel free to join if you still have problems - 6 weeks or 6 years postpartum. We will (re)strengthen the core, pelvic floor and the whole body as a result of proper functional workouts. We will improve common problems as diastasis recti, back pain, incontinence, a weak core and pelvic floor dysfunction.


  • 10 weeks

  • tuesday 9-10am

  • starts May 11th

  • online live via ZOOM

  • access to workout-recordings on demand

  • 140,00€ (you'll get money back from your german statutory health insurance. Amount depending on your insurance. Experiences vary between 70€ up to 140€)

  • max. no of participants: 15

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